Finding Babysitting Jobs in Vancouver, British Columbia

Here at, we want you to be successful in your search for babysitting jobs in Vancouver, British Columbia. That’s why we provide you with all the necessary tools to succeed.

First, you save on agency fees when you sign up. And once you sign up, you can use your profile to find as many babysitting jobs in Vancouver that you want.

Second, we provide tips and advice of what to include in your profile (we’ve provided some examples below).

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Helpful Tips for Job-Seekers on

When you fill out our application and include past work experience, make sure to include the special qualities and assets that make you a good babysitter. This includes whether you speak both English and French, whether you play a musical instrument, whether you have a valid Canadian driver’s license and whether you have any formal education in childcare. While these things are not necessary for securing babysitting jobs in Vancouver, they sure don’t hurt your chances!

Next, go for the criminal background check. While you might not like the idea of it, parents generally will only hire babysitters from an online service if they can be assured that they have no criminal background. The cost of the check is not expensive, and will certainly be covered by the profits you make from your babysitting job.

And lastly, make sure to write in full sentence, with correct grammar and spelling on your profile. While parents know that they are hiring a babysitter and not an editor, presenting a well-written, error-free profile shows employers that you are taking your job-hunt seriously. Since your first impression will be in writing, make sure to make it a good first impression!