Finding Babysitter Jobs in Toronto, Ontario

Finding babysitter jobs in Toronto, Ontario can be a stressful undertaking – but it doesn’t have to be. The main thing to remember is that good babysitters are constantly in demand; therefore, you are a valuable commodity! The trick is to find babysitting jobs in Toronto that you actually want; ones that fit your schedule, where the employers are nice and respectful and the children enjoyable.

Sure, you can ask your friends to let you know if they hear of any families who need babysitters. You can check the classifieds in your local Toronto newspaper, or the bulletin boards at your neighborhood community center. But the way to get the most leads, and therefore, the way to increase your chances of finding your ideal babysitting job in Toronto, Ontario, is to sign up to is a community of babysitters and nannies who are looking for jobs in the Toronto area; it is also a community of parents and employers who are looking to hire reliable, trustworthy babysitters. And the two communities come together on our site, and that is how we have the highest rate of babysitter job placement in all of Canada.

A few things to keep in mind when signing up: Besides for the basic qualities of being trustworthy and good with children, many parents have specific requirements, such as a valid driver’s license, so that you would be able to pick the kids up from school. Others request babysitters who speak English and French. So make sure to list all of your qualities and talents, even if you don’t think they are anything special. Because when a parent needs a nanny to pick his children up from school, and you state on your profile that you have a valid Canadian driver’s license, you’ve just increased your chances of being invited for an interview.

Also, when you list references, make sure to list people unrelated to you, such as colleagues, employers or teachers, so that they can give an unbiased reference of you. Employers trust these types of recommendations the most, and these too will up your chances of securing an interview.

Once you are invited for an interview, the rest is up to you!