Finding Babysitting Jobs in Surrey, British Columbia

Whether you are a high school student, university student or full-time worker and you would like some extra cash on the side, babysitting jobs in Surrey, British Columbia are a great opportunity, and is the best way to find them.

Parents are always in need of babysitters, whether part-time, full-time or just every now and then. Depending on your availability and your desired income, you can choose the babysitting job in Surrey, British Columbia that is right for you. If you are a high school student who has free afternoons and evenings, you might be interested in a regular daily babysitting job. If you are a college student with a flexible schedule, you might be looking for a summer babysitting job, or just to be on-call should parents need you. If you work full-time but would like to supplement your income, you can look for regular evening babysitting jobs in your neighborhood.

When you sign up to, you will have access to our job boards and will be able to search for whatever type of babysitting job you are looking for in Surrey. Families seeking to hire babysitters will also be able to find your profile when they search the site.

Again, no matter what your level of education or your stage in life is, when you are looking for babysitter jobs in Surrey, you want to present yourself in the right way, especially because the first time you “meet” your potential employers is online. 

So make sure to post an appropriate photo of yourself, state your experience with children and include references. If you are a teenager just starting out as a babysitter, you might not have formal babysitting experience to list, so you should list any experience related to children – including taking care of younger siblings.

People of all ages should include their certificate of clean criminal history on their profile; because employers are not receiving personal recommendations about you, they feel reassured to see a clean criminal history. And the better impression your profile on makes on parents, the more likely they are to hire you!