Finding Babysitting Jobs in Halifax, Nova Scotia recognizes two truths about babysitting: One, there will always be families who need babysitters, and two, there will always be people looking for babysitting jobs. For both families and job-seekers, provide a platform to connect, hire and find babysitting jobs in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Here’s how it works: if you are looking for babysitting jobs, register to for free, and create a profile. You should include an appropriate photo of yourself, application details, your resume, three references and a criminal background check. While this may sound like a lot of details, they are all truly necessary.

Parents who come to do so because they know that the babysitters who sign up list as many details as possible, and provide clean checks of criminal history. So yes, completing your profile might take some time – but the end result is finding the best babysitter jobs in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and getting hired for them!

Whether you are looking for a part-time babysitting job or full-time babysitting job, references are actually more important than your resume. After all, parents who are looking to hiring babysitters in Halifax want someone who they can trust, someone who is reliable, dependable and good with children. You don’t have to have years of babysitting job experience to be good with children! If you grew up with younger siblings or worked in summer camp, these experiences can be just as good. What matters more is that your references tell your potential employer that you are trustworthy and responsible. They vouch for your character, not for how many hours you’ve clocked as a babysitter.

Once you sign up to, you don’t have to wait for employers to find you – you can be proactive and check out our job boards, which contains listings of all the available babysitting jobs in Halifax. New listings are added every day, so if you are serious about finding babysitting jobs, check in daily and see what the latest available positions are.

The best part about is that once you book a babysitting job, if the parents are happy with you, they will recommend you to their friends. And thus, the snowball effect will end up getting you more babysitting jobs in Halifax than you’ve ever dreamed of!