Finding Babysitting Jobs in Calgary, Alberta

Babysitters all over Calgary, Alberta have already discovered that is a great resource for helping them find babysitting jobs in Canada. If you have not yet used this service, read on to find out more. is free for anyone seeking babysitting jobs in Calgary; signing up entails filling out an application and uploading your resume; employers can then find your profile when they search the site. You will also have access to the job boards, and will be able to apply directly to anyone advertising an available babysitter position.

The great thing about is that once you sign up, can use it whenever you need it. If you find one babysitting job, but then the parents no longer need you, you can just log on and find another job. You will be able to reach a lot more potential employers through our network than you would be able to reach alone.

When you fill out your application on, you should keep three things in mind

First, have a criminal background check performed on yourself, and then post that you have a clean criminal history. While many parents turn to to find babysitters, one of the factors that will determine whether they will be interested in hiring you is whether they feel that you are trustworthy. A criminal background check costs around $50, and is worth every penny if it gets you the babysitting job you want.

Second, bear in mind that parents will want to hear from references, so make sure to list people who will give a good report of you. Stay away from friends and family members, and focus on people such as teachers, colleagues, bosses, mentors, etc. These references hold much more weight, and hearing a glowing report from a former boss will be taken much more seriously than hearing a report from your mother!

And last but not least, don’t sell yourself short. While you might not like the idea of “bragging” about your babysitting experience, parents actually want to hire a babysitter who comes with experience and who knows her strengths. So allow yourself to toot your own horn just this once, and make sure that parents know that by hiring you to be their babysitter in Calgary, they will be getting the best possible candidate for the job.